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Now predict if they know the answer.

Product/Service Sales Promotions


  • Features custom created, original video content.
  • Multi-platform, mobile ready responsive Web App, accessible anytime via the Internet; no download.
  • Appears like client’s own online App at a custom URL, or their Website.
  • Client product/service brand story integrated into the interactive experience.
  • Videos can feature customers, retailers, experts & special guests.
  • Augments client’s online digital marketing strategies.
  • Designed to immerse client’s target audience in the experience, giving them an opportunity to participate in their story.
  • Creative consultation with your team/client to develop the content.
  • Delivered using the proprshoietary tech infrastructure built by and licensed by Gypsyaudio Inc.
  • Client’s Web development team accesses relevant HTML, or inserts the coded iFrame on existing site.
  • Managed, encoded and hosted on Gypsyaudio’s server.
  • Client provides and distributes any relevant prizes.
  • Gypsyaudio provides Release Forms/Waivers and the relevant Rules, Terms & Privacy Policy Legal for contest prizing (if desired), as long as it remains “no purchase necessary”.
  • Client designs and provides custom logo and branding treatment to be incorporated.


$7,000 - Creation and delivery of the full Web App Tool Kit for two (2) questions
$3,000 - Per additional question
TBD - Live Event Host Fee

Web App Tool Kit Summary

  • Custom HTML and tech infrastructure management of gamification experience.
  • Videos hosted by Adam Growe, TV personality, comedian & broadcaster.
  • Call To Action directive, as determined by client.
  • Integration of customized branding of interactive experience at a designated URL.
  • Full and exclusive access to all user contact information.
  • mp4 of short Question Video (approx. 30-60 seconds) for native roll SM teaser.
  • mp4 of longer branded story videos (2-3 minutes) to also increase SM reach.
  • jpeg images that are designed to look clickable, (1 per question).
  • Research & scripting of questions, videos & text for SM posts/email, (2 per question)
  • Casting & location shoot, (if 5+ questions, casting agency option approx. $5,000)
  • Initial consultation on digital marketing strategy.
  • Custom URLs for each game experience.
  • Scoring metric and Leaderboard to integrate prize promotion, if desired.
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Adam Growe, Creative Director/Host, Gypsyaudio Inc.